Why Betolvex®?

How Betolvex® works

The longest acting vitamin B12, with a fast onset of action. A High-Tech Outcome

Betolvex® is formed of positively charged cobalamine CB+ particles surrounded by a negatively charged tannin layer. CB+ passes along the electrical gradient of the tannin layer and along the concentration gradient through a fluid layer of aluminium monostearate gel which controls the release of CB-, contributing to its prolonged action.

Due to its unique mechanism and its long duration of action Betolvex® is the only parenteral preparation assuring Adequate Sustained Serum Levels.

Betolvex® guarantees the:
  1. Maintenance of normal serum levels .
  2. The replenishment of the body stores.
  3. Restoration of Hepatic Stores.

Parenteral Preparation

Prolonged Duration of Action

Betolvex® provides Extremely Prolonged duration of action versus other Vitamin B12 preparations.