Have the NERVE...for a healthy life

The nervous system in our bodies is divided into 2 parts, the Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System. Each of them works differently but they cooperate to enable our bodies to do almost everything.

Your nervous system coordinates all of your movements, sensations and thoughts.

Touch, Breathe, Eat, Drink, Feel pain, Forget, Speak, Move, Remember, and Exercise. Do anything….. It is the nervous system that enables your body to perform all these functions.

It is a crucial goal to keep our nervous system working properly. If anything goes wrong there, symptoms can start from tingling or numbness in one finger to complete paralysis.

The Nerve cell

Vitamin B12 is responsible for the protective layer that surrounds the nerve fibers (Myelin Sheath) helping proper transmission of electrical signals along nerves If Myelin sheath is lost; Neurons become prone to damage, and transmission of signals turns irregular, in Diabetic patients myelin sheath deteriorates over time causing neuropathic pain known as (Diabetic peripheral neuritis), the use for Betolvex® for these patients is indispensable .

Also Vitamin B12 shares in the synthesis of the Neurotransmitter Acetyl Choline, which is responsible for memory and proper cognitive functions, B12 deficiency consequently results in reduction of Acetyl Choline levels causing diseases as Dementia and Alzheimer.

Betolvex® significantly decreases the pain perception in patients with orthopedic disorders such as Low Back Pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, and degenerative joint disease.

Betolvex® is recommended as a vitamin to replenish the body stores
with vitamin B12 maintaining healthy nerves.