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Betolvex® adds a synergistic effect when combined with:
  1. NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs), Betolvex® decreases the pain perception so the patient would need a less dose of the pain killer, faster relief and less NSAIDs side effects.
  2. Folic acid and other Vitamin B preparations with Betolvex® for maximized benefit in RBCs production.
  3. Fertility promoters, Betolvex® significantly improves the sperm count in oligozoospermic patients.

Betolvex® complementary action is essential with the following medications:
  1. Anti-Diabetics (Metformin), as Metformin might reduce the absorption of vitamin B12, thus needs to be substituted.
  2. Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) as Omeprazole and Lansoprazole, etc), as PPIs were shown to cause vitamin B12 deficiency when used for long duration of treatment.
  3. Anabolic Steroids (Used by Body builders), as usually those steroids result in Hyper-homocystenemia.
  4. Post operative toxicity of nitrous oxide.

Betolvex® interactions with other medications or drugs:


Synergistic Beneficial Action with Betolvex®

for iron and folic acid deficiency; in particular during pregnancy, lactation and in cases of malnutrition.

Parafon® & Srilane®
Synergistic Beneficial Action with Betolvex®

in Orthopedic patients e.g. Dorsalgia, Low back pain, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Degenerative Joint Disease, Vertebral Syndrome (i.e. Reduction of Neuropathic Pain Perception).

Lucidril® & Luciforte®
Synergistic Beneficial Action with Betolvex®

in patients with Dementia & Alzheimer suffering from Impairment of Cognitive Functions.